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Here's a small list of projects I worked on and that I'm proud of enough to share them with you (for the unfiltered list just go check my GitHub at your own risk)
  • SvelteLab SvelteLab preview

    A SuperCharged svelte and sveltekit REPL me and Antonio Sarcevic made to participate in the svelte hackaton (we won 🍾)

  • sveltekit-view-transition sveltekit-view-transition preview

    Use view transition api in sveltekit without a hassle!

  • sveltekit-search-params sveltekit-search-params preview

    The fastest way in sveltekit to read and WRITE query parameters

  • Sprinkle JS Sprinkle JS preview

    A Reactive library with no bundler, small size and powerful primitives


    Why bother with a random green when you can choose to be a #BADA55!