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I know it may sound weird for someone but I love public speaking. I try to keep every talk entertaining while providing the best value possible.

Being an avid open-sourcer sometimes my talk are about my projects but I try to make whoever listen to the talk, leave with a bit more knowledge about the same problem that inspire me to create that project.

I’m also a regular co-host of This Week in Svelte a weekly (who would’ve guessed) appointment in the svelte discord;

Do you want me to talk at your conference/meetup/podcast/coffee with friends? Reach to me without hesitation!

Wanna see how I speak and teach? Here’s some examples:

Hacking SvelteLab @ Svelte Summit 2023

Sharable State @ Svelte Society London Meetup

SvelteLab @ CodingCat

Hacking Sveltelab @ Svelte Society London Meetup

Presenting SvelteLab @ This Week in Svelte